SAFA Webinar

As more and more local governments are working become to increase the quality of their services and become more accessible, service automation is increasingly more on the strategic agenda. One of the many tasks of local governments is to serve as service provider for their citizens. From very simple requests as parking permits, all the way to more complex issues such as providing arbitration and dealing with appeals.

Following the UK leading example and experience with their initiative of ‘Government Digital Services, which leads digital transformation and on a national level, local governments are now applying in the same principles to local governments.

In this webinar, we share examples of how Local Governments can use Service Automation in their journey towards digital transformation. How can local government deliver quality services to their citizens, whilst keeping the stringent quality criteria of government services?

Lead by Jan-Willem Middelburg, author of the Service Automation Framework, this webinar will cover:

  • How to make public services available through self-service platforms;
  • The benefits and challenges of providing digital government services;
  • The practical steps that local governments can take to start automating their services;
  • How the Service Automation Framework can help the design and delivery of local government services.

The Service Automation framework always start with User needs. People and businesses use government services to help them get something done (for example, register to vote, check if a vehicle is taxed or pay a VAT bill). ‘User needs’ are the needs that a user has of a service, and which that service must satisfy for the user to get the right outcome for them.

Registration Details

This webinar is hosted by APMG-International and the Service Automation Framework Alliance:

  • Thursday February 7th – 09:00 AM UK Time
  • Registration is possible through this link

After the webinar, you will receive the free White Paper: Service Automation in Local Government.