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Become an Accredited Training Partner

Are you a university, school or training institute and want to deliver Service Automation certification courses? As an Accredited Training Partner, your organization is licensed to deliver the Service Automation training courses based on the Service Automation Certification Scheme and provide the Service Automation examinations.

The Service Automation Framework Alliance has partnered with APMG International in order to arrange the accreditation of educational institutes. APMG International is a leading and global accreditation organization with the highest quality standards. Successfully going through the APMG assessment process is a testament of an Accredited Training Partner commitment to providing quality training services.

What are the next steps to become a training partner?

In order to become an Accredited Training Partner, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Apply to Become a Partner

    In this step, you fill out your interest to become a Service Automation Partner. We will conduct a check whether your organization would be a suitable training provider to deliver Service Automation training. If you are already an accredited partner with APMG International, this step can be skipped.

  • Achieve a Trainer Certification

    After your application has been received, you will need to select a trainer who would be eligible to deliver Service Automation courses. The trainer must have experience in training delivery and should have successfully passed the Service Automation Framework examination.

  • Knowledge Examination

    As a last step, the selected trainer should pass a knowledge interview with one of the globally accredited assessors. During this assessment, the trainer will be assessed on training skills and subject-matter expertise.

  • Start Delivering Service Automation Courses

    After the last step, your organization will become a official Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and will be accredited to deliver Service Automation courses. The accreditation is a mark of quality that only a select group or organizations will achieve. You can start selling and delivering courses after this moment.

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