Service Automation Framework

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Jarod Greene on Service Automation

I’m not ashamed to admit that my favorite Christmas movie is Love Actually. Nothing beats the opening scene of the gates at Heathrow Airport, as Hugh Grant voice explains that if you look for it, love actually is all around. The sap in me nods furiously at the[…]

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What is Service Automation

What is Service Automation? If you are new to the topic to service automation, you might have a very simple question: What is service automation exactly? And why are so many people talking about Service Automation. In this short post, I will try to give you a brief overview[…]

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The Service Automation Framework Launch on 22 February in Las Vegas

Official Launch of the Service Automation Framework The Service Automation Framework publication and corresponding certification scheme will officially launch on Wednesday February 22 during Pink17 - the international IT Service Management Conference and Exhibition in the prestigious Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. During the Service Automation Framework Launch, Jan-Willem[...]

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