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Case Study: Using the Service Automation Framework for Virtual Machine provisioning

In this case study, the Service Automation Framework was used as the best practice framework to develop service automation blueprint which assists in the development and deployment of end-to-end virtual machine provisioning solution.

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New White Paper: An introduction to Service Automation

An Introduction to the Service Automation Framework This white paper provides a high level overview of the Service Automation Framework, which was launched in 2017. The aim of his paper is to explain the key business drivers behind service automation and to provide an overview of the structure[…]

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New Webinar: Service Automation Blueprinting

Service Automation Blueprinting Many companies see the future in automated service, yet wonder where to start. The Service Automation Framework provides some easy-to-understand models that everyone can used to start the design and delivery of automated services. Used by many organisations around the world, it provides tools and[…]

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What is a Service Automation Blueprint?

The Service Automation Blueprint The Service Automation Blueprint is one of the seven techniques of the Service Automation Framework. It most frequently used as a tool in order to visualise how a service is delivered by a service provider. In order to automate a service, it is necessary to exactly[…]

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