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Service Automation at the Process Days Helsinki

Automation and AI Process Days in Helsinki The Process Days have grown in six years as a top Service and Process Management event in Finland. The Process Days focus on the trends and visions of service and process management without forgetting the actual everyday work. The goal is[…]

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David Ratcliffe on Service Automation

My career in IT began in 1975. It was an entry level position in the IT Department of a large heavy engineering company. On my first day at work I recall being quite intimidated by the flashing lights and low hum of the expensive equipment in the Computer[…]

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How to Write a Service Automation Business Case

The Service Automation Business Case In this article, we will discuss to formulate a service automation business case and which financial figures you need in order to calculate the financial benefit of a Service Automation implementation or improvement project. This service automation business case template can be applied[…]

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New Service Automation Explainer Video

New Service Automation Explainer Video Hi there and welcome to this short video about Service Automation. Have you ever wondered why companies such as Spotify, Uber and Netflix conquered the world so quickly? Well, the answer is pretty simple: they all have a business model that is based[…]

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Expert Interview: Richard Pharro on Service Automation

Expert Interview: Richard Pharro on Service Automation A lot has been written about the need for organizations to become digital and to transform the way they work.  There is a wealth of information on the benefits of doing business in the digital age, how start-ups can access a[…]

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The Service Automation Framework in 3 Minutes

The Basics of Service Automation Service Automation – the concept of delivering services through smart technology – is a rapidly growing area of interest for most organizations. Companies such as Spotify, Netflix and Spotify and Uber (whom deliver 100% automated services) have proven that organizations can achieve rapid[…]

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