New Service Automation Explainer Video

Hi there and welcome to this short video about Service Automation.

Have you ever wondered why companies such as Spotify, Uber and Netflix conquered the world so quickly? Well, the answer is pretty simple: they all have a business model that is based on Service Automation.

So what does that mean?

Service Automation is a business model by which services are primarily delivered by automation and self-service portals. This means no manual tasks, no expensive support desks and most importantly, no waiting times.

Instead, Service Automation ensures that services are delivered 24×7, cost-efficient and completely based on data driven decisions. And that is just the start.

We realize that that all sounds very wonderful, but how exactly can you accomplish a situation this in your organization?

The Service Automation Framework provides a method to systematically set up the design and delivery of automated services.

It provides a framework, processes, techniques and blueprint to start delivering automated services tomorrow.

Have you become curious? Check out the Service Automation Framework at or contact one of our partners. As always, thanks for watching!