Global Partnership between SAFA and APMG International to develop Certification Scheme

The Service Automation Framework® Association (SAFA) and APMG International, a global award-winning accreditation and certification body, announce their exciting new partnership about a new certification scheme. APMG and SAFA respond to the need for organizations to be able to effectively ‘go digital’.

Mastering the concept of Service Automation in the digital age

We have become accustomed to searching, evaluating and purchasing products online, and individuals have the same expectations in their work environment So the need for organisations to ‘go digital’ and be able to respond and provide for the ‘self-service’ generation has never been so great.

Service Automation refers to the concept of delivering services through smart technology – which has become a fast-growing area of interest for many organizations. Companies who specialise in automated services, such as Netflix, Spotify and Uber – have proven that organizations can achieve rapid growth and competitive advantage through reliance on Service Automation.

SAFA and APMG have created a training and certification scheme, aligned to the publication Service Automation Framework, for the design and delivery of automated services to provide candidates with the practical tools and techniques of Service Automation that can be applied instantly.

Working together

SAFA has awarded APMG the global certification rights. This allows the Service Automation Framework scheme to be launched internationally, and benefits from the infrastructure of APMG’s experienced worldwide representatives, rigorously assessed Accredited Training Organisations and extensive marketing reach. APMG’s CEO Richard Pharro says, “This is an exciting partnership, created at a crucial time when companies need their staff to be able to deliver digital readiness at a fast pace.”

Why now?

Since Service Automation is a new hot topic, there is not a lot of (practical) information available on how organizations can set up Service Automation. The Service Automation Framework® provides a step-by-step approach that illustrates how organizations can digitize their service offering in a methodical way. The corresponding certification scheme was developed for individuals and teams who wish to demonstrate their proficiency in the Service Automation Framework methodology. Additionally, the certification scheme provides a consistent starting point for organizations who want to start digitizing their service offering.


About the Service Automation Framework

The Service Automation Framework (SAF) certification scheme supports the publication of the Service Automation Framework Alliances (SAFA) guide, ‘Service Automation Framework, for the design and delivery of automated services.’ The SAF guidance, one of the first to address this concept, provides a deep insight into the theory and methods of Service Automation, the concept by which any organization can automate its services, ‘go digital’ and enable them to offer self-service applications to their customers.

About APMG International

APMG International is an award-winning exam institute and a global accreditation and certification body. APMG works with government bodies, not-for-profit and commercial partners to develop best practice products to help individuals and their organizations deliver positive results.

Our aim is to provide consistent quality and support to candidates and training organizations whether they are operating globally or as a specialist local provider. APMG International’s rigorous assessment process is recognized throughout the world. To ensure our independence and commitment to quality standards, we do not provide training ourselves.