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Service Automation Blueprint Poster

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Download the Service Automation Blueprint Poster in A0 size format.


This Service Automation Blueprint Poster gives you a  ‘high definition’ printable A0 poster that you can use in workshops. The template can be used by trainers who are teaching the the Service Automation Foundation course, or by consultants who want to facilitate workshops to design automated services.

Service Automation Blueprinting is one of the seven techniques of the Service Automation Framework. It is most frequently used as a tool in order to visualise how a service is delivered by a service provider. In order to automate a service, it is necessary to exactly understand how a service ‘flows’ through an organisation, and where the interactions and interfaces with the Users are.

The benefits of the Service Automation Blueprint Poster are:

  • This poster can facilitate group discussions to discuss and design automated services;
  • You can print this blueprint on A0-size paper during workshops;
  • Visualize User Actions, Physical Evidence, the Technology Interface, Supporting Processes and Company Functions with Post-its;
  • Facilitate management buy-in for Service Automation projects.

A full explanation on how to use the Service Automation Blueprint is further explained in this blog post.


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