Get your certification with a SAF Self-Study Kit

Get certified from anywhere in the world with the SAF Self-Study Kit! Service Automation Self-Study Kits provide you with self-paced, remote study materials for the official Service Automation Framework exams. Each kit includes a APMG-International worldwide exam voucher, the official text book, officially course slides, a self-study guide, sample exams, and various additional study aids.

What does the SAF Self-Study Kit contain?

The SAF Self-Study Kit is intended to provide you with all the materials you need in order to pass the Service Automation Foundation® certification as administered by APMG-International. Upon purchase of the Self-Study Kit, you will receive digital access to the following course materials:

  1. The Service Automation Framework Book (hard-copy will be sent to your address)
  2. The Service Automation Framework Candidate Guidance
  3. The Service Automation Framework Official Syllabus
  4. The Service Automation Framework Sample Exam with Answer and Rationale
  5. The Service Automation Framework Course Slides
  6. The Service Automation Foundation Examination Voucher

Important Note: All documents will be available instantly upon purchase, with the exception of the official Book. A hard-copy Service Automation Framework Book will be sent to your registered address.

About the Service Automation Foundation® Certification

The Service Automation Foundation course will give you deep insight into the concept of Service Automation, the concept by which you can automate your service offering. If you adequately apply Service Automation in your organization, you will see both employee and customer satisfaction rise and significantly increase the number of people who will ‘like’ your company.

This course is intended for everyone who has ever experienced that the level of Service in his organization can be increased and is looking for guidance to achieve this goal. Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, consultant or work in the field of academia, the Service Automation Framework will help you to consistently exceed user expectations.

More information about the Service Automation Foundation course is available official course page.