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Service Automation Partnerships

The primary aim of the Service Automation Framework Alliance is to increase the knowledge about Service Automation around the world. In order to accomplish this objective, we work with different partners around the world. Please join us by becoming one of our valued partners. We have the following partnership opportunities available:

  • Individual Membership – As a Service Automation Framework member, you will get access to all content, templates, workshops, webinars and discounts from Corporate Partners. You will be an integral part of the Service Automation community.
  • Accredited Training Organization – As an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) your organization is licensed to deliver the Service Automation training courses based on the Service Automation Certification Scheme and provide the Service Automation examinations.
  • Corporate Partners – As a Corporate Partner of the Service Automation Framework Alliance, your organization becomes an integral part of the Service Automation community and is represented through case studies, conferences, publications and special events.

The community of Service Automation partners is ever growing. Are you interested in a different kind of partnership? Please contact us to discuss other partnership options.

Our Service Automation Training Partners

You can obtain officially accredited Service Automation training through one of the registered partners:

Pink ElephantPink Elephant

Malaysia | Singapore | Hong Kong

SkillsSkills Poland


The ITSM HubThe ITSM Hub


Taub SolutionsTaub Solutions


For more information about becoming an accredited Service Automation training partner, please visit this page.