Service Automation Blueprinting

Many companies see the future in automated service, yet wonder where to start. The Service Automation Framework provides some easy-to-understand models that everyone can used to start the design and delivery of automated services. Used by many organisations around the world, it provides tools and techniques to achieve service automation.

In this BrightTalk webinar, we will focus on the technique of service automation blueprinting – a workshops approach for the the design of automated services. We will discuss the theory of the Service Automation Blueprint and will subsequently apply the techniques to a real world University case to make it as practical as possible. Don’t miss this chance to learn more about Service Automation Blueprinting.

When is this Webinar Scheduled?

Live online August 17 10:00 am United Kingdom – London
or after on demand 45 mins

Webinar Hosts

Jan-Willem Middelburg – President of the Service Automation Alliance
Peter Hubbard – Principal Consultant Pink Elephant UK

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