As part of strengthening the position as experts in Service Automation, Netgain, the first company in the Nordic region, has partnered with the Service Automation Framework Alliance (SAFA). SAFA is a global, leading provider of certification programs, frameworks and best practices in Service Automation.

By automating manual processes in different service deliveries, companies and organisations can cut unnecessary work in several steps. This creates a more cost-effective organization that can focus on development, thus delivering its services to a potentially larger market. Service Automation also provides higher quality and security in the delivery of services by companies and organisations.

“In our effort to provide our customers with as uniform and smooth implementation as possible of Service Automation in their organisations, we wanted to find a tool that speeds up the process. Our partnership with SAFA provides both our customers and us with a method that streamlines the work of designing and implementing automated services,” said Fredrik Spets, who is responsible for the collaboration with SAFA at Netgain.

SAFA has a developed framework that:

  • Is unified and simple for implementation of Service Automation
  • Contributes to a unified terminology for design and delivery users
  • Has practical techniques and templates that simplify the design and implementation of automated services

Thanks to Netgain’s partnership with SAFA and the choice to work with well-known platforms such as ServiceNow and CA Technologies, Netgain has become a strong player to count on the Nordic service automation market.

“Many companies and organisations are struggling with questions about where and where to start with Service Automation. With the help of SAFA’s framework, Netgain can help organisations more efficiently and consistently on their digital journey to Service Automation, which works in practice,” says Netgain CEO Mats Berthem.

For more information about Netgain’s services within Service Automation, contact:
Fredrik Spets, Business Area Manager
Phone +46 7 521 65 22

Mats Berthem, CEO
Phone 070-347 62 53

About Netgain
Netgain helps businesses digitise their business in a short space of time. With our Service Automation experts, we streamline your manual routines, orders and processes for quick results and increased profitability.

About the Service Automation Framework Alliance
At, you can find more information about the Service Automation Framework Alliance.