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Service Automation has one of the fastest growing trends in the past decade. Driven by the success of ‘digitally’ disruptive companies such as Spotify, Netflix and Uber, more and more companies are taking the steps to automate their service offering.

When organizations start their automation initiatives, you will quickly encounter two different concepts: service automation and robotic process. And many people wonder what the differences and similarities between both terms are. Are they the same, or are these different forms of automation?

In this webinar, we will discuss the similarities and differences between Service Automation and RPA, and discuss how each approach can be used in the automation efforts of large, process-oriented organizations. We will discuss how each form of automation can help save costs, deliver better quality of service, and increase Uxer Experience.

This webinar will be presented by Jan-Willem Middelburg, author of the Service Automation Framework. Jan-Willem will share his experience from the SAF and RPA project that he has worked on, providing you not only with the theoretical difference, but also the practical aspects of automation methodologies.

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