Service Automation Framework

Corporate Partners

Connecting our partners to the tools, the people, the relationships — to promote Service Automation

The Service Automation Framework has provides an immense number of opportunities to organizations who wish to showcase and leadership in Service Automation. Whether it is connecting with our member base, hosting a webinar or promoting events, our organization can provide additional value in positioning your organization. Through these activities, the Service Automation Framework Alliance invites organizations to partner and take advantage of this highly engaged audience. Below are the areas of opportunities to partner with the Service Automation Framework Alliance throughout 2017. If you have any questions and are interested in a corporate sponsorship, please contact us.

Service Automation Community

Mailings and Communications

Join our mailing list to our service automation members to showcase expertise and showcase your company’s content. We have monthly general mailing items and special updates about conferences, white papers and special events.

Service Automation Webinars | Service Automation Memberships

Host a Webinar

Host a Service Automation Webinar of the community of service automation member base. Discuss a new technique, Service Automation Blueprint or innovative solution in the field of Service Automation. Webinars are one of the top ways to reach a broad audience and display your expertise.

Service Automation Discounts | Service Automation Memberships

Product and Event Discounts

Provide exclusive discounts and promotional offers for your Service Automation solutions, products or events. Through the service automation platform, you can offer targeted discount codes and offers in order to further promote your organization.

Service Automation Resources | Service Automation Memberships

Service Automation Job Board

The only job board dedicated to connecting Service Automation organizations with qualified, passionate Service Automation professionals. Posting jobs is part of the Service Automation Framework corporate partnerships.