Building A Service Catalogue

If you work in the IT service industry, you will probably have heard about service catalogs or data catalogs. But does your organization already have access to a catalog of automated services?

Increasingly, more organizations are building a catalog of automated services.  Driven by the success of ‘digitally’ disruptive companies such as Spotify, Netflix and Uber, more and more companies are taking the steps to automate their service offering.

A Catalog of Automated Services is – as the term suggests – is a collection of services a service provider can deliver to customers without human intervention. These services range from simple automated processes (liking bookings or reservations), to complex and complicated processes (such as the provisioning of banking environments).

What you will learn

In this webinar, we will take you on a deep-dive into the catalog of automated services – Participants will discover;

  • How you build automated services
  • How you maintain automated services and measure performance
  • How you monitor the quality and customer engagement of the Catalogue of Automated Services.

Learn how to build a catalog of automated services. Jan-Willem Middelburg, author of the Service Automation Framework.