What You Need To Know About The Service Automation Framework

About this BrightTalk Webinar

In this BrightTalk Webinar, we will discuss the newly launched Service Automation Framework. Service Automation is the concept of achieving customer loyalty by the use of automated technologies, and it builds upon large demographic and sociological trends. As a society, we have become accustomed to arranging our lives online and expect services that can match those expectations.

Service Automation helps to arrange our lives online. This session will bring you up to speed on Service Automation, the concept by which you can automate your service offering. The Service Automation Framework defines a methodical way to discuss Service Automation and provides a step-by-step approach, including a number of design elements and processes, which every organisation can use to systematically enhance its services.

When is this Webinar Scheduled?

Live online May 25 2:00 am United States – Los Angeles
or after on demand 45 mins

Webinar Host

Jan-Willem Middelburg President of the Service Automation Alliance