The SAFA Ambassador Program

The Service Automation Framework Alliance Ambassador Program has been developed to increase awareness about automation practices in online communities and local markets. The SAFA ambassadors are leading voices in the automation industry and contribute significantly to create awareness about automation best practices. The ambassador program has been set up by SAFA to coordinate the development of automation thought leadership, enhance local representation of SAFA in regional markets, and form a community of experts that drive the adoption of automation best practices.

Through the SAFA ambassador program, it is possible to associate yourself or your organization with the Service Automation Framework Alliance. As an official ambassador, you will automatically receive a license to use the SAFA logo, community materials and digital resources. With these materials, you will be able to advocate automation best practices in your region. As an ambassador, you will receive an official ambassador certificate and digital badge to display the ambassador status to the community.

Our ambassadors need to adhere to a number of specific requirements:

  • Ambassadors are automation thought leaders and are recognized in the industry because of their automation experience and expertise.

  • Ambassadors adhere to the SAFA Code of Conduct and fulfill the SAFA Ambassador responsibilities.

  • Ambassadors function independently and use the ambassadorship to increase awareness and knowledge about automation best practices.

  • Ambassadors are volunteers who commit their time and expertise for the purpose of the community. The ambassador program does not provide remuneration.

  • Ambassadors get appointed for a period of 3-years, which can be extended upon mutual agreement after each term.

Frequently Asked Questions about the SAFA Ambassador Program

What are some things an Ambassador might do?

  • Create content and materials to support SAFA’s vision of an open and community-driven approach to increase knowledge and expertise about automation best practices, and advocate further professionalization of the automation industry.
  • Participate in and contribute in local community conferences, workshops and gatherings and represent SAFA on these occasions.
  • Provide presentations or lectures at automation conferences and seminars, or host webinars that help to evangelize the mission and vision of SAFA.
  • Contribute to working groups where Ambassadors come together and work on social media activities, planning and execution of local events, discussing speaking engagements and collaborating on presentations.
  • Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging.
  • Get involved early in new SAFA launches and provide early feedback to marketing and launch initiatives to ensure that SAFA programs resonate well in local markets.

Can anyone become an Ambassador?
The ambassador program is primarily intended for thought leaders in the automation industry, who are recognized for their knowledge and thought leadership. All applications will be reviewed by the SAFA Board and will be tested for qualification. Applicants who have a proven track-record at companies who are actively involved in the automation industry are preferred.

What is the time commitment required for being an Ambassador?
The commitment depends on the interest and ambition of the Ambassador. There are no mandatory minimum or maximum time commitment, and some months might be busier than others, depending on scheduled events. The purpose of the Ambassador role is to have a mutually beneficial relation. The more time you put into the program, the more benefits you will get out the program. All ambassadors are initially appointed for a period of 3 years.

Does SAFA pay Ambassadors?
No, being an Ambassador is a volunteer role for a select group of individuals. SAFA will pay for specific out-of-pocket expenses, but in essence this role is unpaid and completely voluntary.

What are some benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

  • Through the Ambassador Program, you will have an official association with SAFA;
  • As an official Ambassador, you will receive an automatic license to use the trademarks and licensed IP of SAFA in your own publications or website.
  • Through the Ambassador Program, you can build your network and reputation as a Thought Leader in the automation industry.
  • Ambassadors will be asked to speak at conferences, seminars and online webinars on behalf of SAFA.
  • Ambassadors will be provided with early-access to new products, providing a window of opportunity to be first to market when a new product is launched.
  • Ambassadors will be recognized with an official certificate and Digital Badge.
  • As an Ambassador you will be have the opportunity to network and meet other regional ambassadors and learn from their experience and expertise.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other Ambassadors, learn from each other and share experiences amongst peers.

Will there be multiple Ambassadors per country?
SAFA will evaluate the number of Ambassadors per country on a case-by-case basis. In principle, we strive for a limited number of ambassadors per country. In large countries, such as China or the U.S., multiple ambassadors are appointed to cover different geographic locations. Another key influencing factor is the ‘automation maturity’ of the specific market.

Service Automation Framework Ambassador Digital Badge

Our Ambassadors

Jan-Willem Middelburg. Malaysia
Jan-Willem Middelburg. MalaysiaAuthor Service Automation Framework Book
Eric Nguyen, Australia
Eric Nguyen, AustraliaRobotics and Automation Lead, Datacom
Helmut Steigele, Switzerland
Helmut Steigele, SwitzerlandDirector, CascadeIT
Hari Gurumoorthi, India
Hari Gurumoorthi, IndiaPrincipal Consultant, DevOn
Jonathon Glennie, USA
Jonathon Glennie, USACorporate Real Estate Solutions Consultant, BirchTree
Tomasz Nedzi, Germany & Poland
Tomasz Nedzi, Germany & PolandLead Trainer & CEO, Skills 2004 UG
Mohammed Al-Arabi, Egypt
Mohammed Al-Arabi, EgyptConsultant, Nexus Academy


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