About the Service Automation Framework Alliance

The Service Automation Framework Alliance (SAFA) is a leading independent alliance of progressive, vendor-neutral training and certifications programs including the Service Automation Framework curriculum. With a worldwide network of certified trainers, training partners, and testing centers, the SAFA training courses and accreditation programs have become internationally established and further proven through a series of published books, papers, and on-going industry research.

The Service Automation Framework® Certification Program is a curriculum that was originally published in 2017 and evolved into a program which addresses a specific proficiency associated with service automation best practices. The highly modularised format of the Service Automation Framework curriculum allows it to be adapted to various types of training requirements. The availability of proctored testing via APMG-International testing facilities, will allow you to measure the proficiency of individual participants to better assess the assignment of project responsibilities. With a global network of Certified Trainers and consultants, the Service Automation Framework Alliance looks forward to providing you with continual support with the implementation and dissemination of course materials for educational and exam preparation purposes.

About the Service Automation Framework
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SAFA Provides a Community for the People in Automation

Ever since its inception, the network of professionals in the automation industry has been growing rapidly. The Service Automation Framework Alliance (SAFA) provides a vendor-neutral professional community for the people engaged in automation. We aim to research, promote and inspire automation best practices. Over the last years, we have built a large network of 10.000+ members, training partners and ambassadors across every content.

SAFA provides a number of structured partner programs:

Through these programs, we have provided a structure for every organization – large or small – to participate in the professionalisation of automation best practices. If you have any other ideas or initiatives that you would like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us. We are are here to further help the People in Automation.