Service Automation Framework

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New White Paper – Design, Automate and Accelerate through Service Automation

Introduction Over the last few years, many organizations have been focused on automation. In the increasingly competitive market, many organizations are under a constant pressure to deliver better results with less resources. In many cases, automations can help to solve this problem. The automation for repetitive, frequentlyoccurring tasks[…]

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New White Paper – Service Automation in Local Government

In this article, we explore the opportunity that service automation presents to local governments. As one of their many functions, local governments serve as service providers to their community of citizens. Local Government service departments deal with many different requests, ranging from very simple requests for parking permits, all the way through to more complex issues such as providing arbitration and dealing with appeals. Many of these services can be partially or completely automated, making local governments more citizen-centric as well as more cost efficient.

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Dr. Akhil Sahai on Service Automation

Today’s IT organizations are constantly challenged by the ever-increasing demands for high-quality IT services that are both responsive and cost-effective. Automating service management can help save significant amounts of money in terms of IT help desk operations and substantially reduce the demand on operators while enhancing user experience and optimizing IT management.

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Case Study Webinar – Service Automation in Local Government

As more and more local governments are working become to increase the quality of their services and become more accessible, service automation is increasingly more on the strategic agenda. One of the many tasks of local governments is to serve as service provider for their citizens. From very simple requests as parking permits, all the way to more complex issues such as providing arbitration and dealing with appeals.

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